Designers, Marshmallows and Peace Doves

Have you ever worked with a designer?  If so, you understand where I'm coming from.  They have a wonderful perspective on the world, as the put-upon world-weary souls who must deal with the soulless MBAs in their midst.  They get to take the holy ground of "more is not always better -- more is never better" and countless other eternal truisms.  They're the Siddhartha's in our midst.  Harrumphing their way through the morass of the world.

Some day, I wish to work for a designer, and have them pay me every two weeks for me to give them my opinion.

I imagine that their highly profitable website will look something like this, and that we'll all have 9 weeks of vacation and have to work about 3 hours per day.

Pleasant, isn't it?

p.s. I dedicate this post to my favorite designer/developer, Greg Bowers, and the last month+ of his blog posts :-)  He truly is talented.  Just delusional, like the rest of us.