Startup Idea? Email-Initiated and -Processed Discussions

Dave Schappell Idea of the Day

While I was on vacation, I had this idea.  Maybe it already exists.  But, if not, maybe one of you can build it and/or work on it at a Startup Weekend, or build a real business around it.

Feel free to ask clarifying questions and/or propose alternatives.

Idea: Email-Initiated and -Processed Discussions (that post straight to the web)

Scenario: I have a question that I'd like to get answered.  I e-mail several people, and probably get a reply.  However, it would be nice if that question (and the answers/discussions) posted directly to a webpage/service, where others could benefit (without requiring anyone to visit a website and/or register, if they don't want to).  Or, they could e-mail a private reply.  Or, they could visit the site and interact there, if they'd like.  The idea is to give Disqus-like e-mail superpowers to recipients, to make it so much easier to post and share their knowledge.

So, what do you think?